Terms & Conditions

Farehuts- Terms and Conditions Welcome to the Farehuts website which is situated at the www.Farehuts.co.uk (We, our, us) website. The purpose of the site is to help the customers in obtaining, in providing the travel-related information, and the availability of travel-related goods and services proffered by the Suppliers and make the lawful reservations with the suppliers. The use of our website is completely monitored by the following Terms & Conditions.
Using our site is designed to make the flight reservations or getting any travel-related information (through this Site or telephone with our call center), or agreeing to the mentioned Terms & Conditions. Farehuts reserves the right to alter these Terms & Conditions at any point in time without any prior notice. Each change with these terms and conditions affects immediately. So, we are advised to continue the use of the website in order to know each of the things that we update in Terms & Conditions. In case if you do not agree with the Terms & Conditions, then kindly do not use our website or book any kind of travel reservations with us through our site or our call centers.

Use of the Website

There are some conditions preferred by us to use our services or website and with the following list below:

  • Age must be at least 18 years.
  • You will agree with the terms and conditions to use the Website.
  • You will merely utilize the Website to do all sorts of travel-related activities in a lawful manner whether it is related to the reservations or getting any kind of information.
  • Make sure that another person for whom you are making the reservations is known about the Terms and Conditions.
  • Entire information is provided by you on the Website should be accurate, complete, and true.

By using this site, you are solely agreeing to irreversibly waive any kind of claim against Farehuts, its subsidiaries, and any of its employees, officers, managers, directors, contractors, and agents. You specifically agree that Farehuts or any of its subsidiaries, officers, agents, employees, directors, and, will not be responsible for:

  • Any delay in the departure or arrival, or missed connections, or changes in fares, and in the replacement of any accommodation.
  • Any kinds of cancellation of reservations or tickets are completely beyond the control of Farehuts.
  • Any kind of damage or loss in the property or injury to any of the person is caused because of defect or any kind of failure performance by any Travel Supplier.
  • A responsibility which is responsible for missed flights, canceled flights, flight schedule changes can be done by the specific airline's carrier.
Prohibited Activities

The entire content and the information explained on this site belong to us or our service suppliers and the use of any kind of content is prohibited. You are not allowed to make changes, copy, display, or transfer, license, publish or sell any information, services, and products from this website. Apart from this, you agree not to:

  • Make use of this site and its contents for any kind of commercial use.
  • Doing any kind of fraud or false flight reservation.
  • Use or copy for any kind of information or content mentioned on this website using any robot or other automated and manual process without our written permission.
  • Link any part of the site for any purposes without our written permission. In case any of your reservations or account shows fraud or suspicious activity, then Farehuts may cancel that particular reservation which is linked to your name, email ID, and account. We can close any of the accounts which are associated with us. Farehuts reserves the right to take any require legal action and you will be legally responsible for any kind of monetary losses to Farehuts.

Farehuts is always committed to customer satisfaction and we continuously work on it. In case of any problem or dispute related to our services, then we attempt to resolve each of the problems. But if we are not able to solve your concern, then you may look for a claim which is explained in this section. You will be agreed to provide us with a chance to resolve any arguments or claims related to the website, our services or products, customer service agents, or our privacy policy by contacting Farehuts Customer Service. If we are not able to solve your claims within 60 days, then you have to find relief or assistance via mediation or in small courts. All the claims will be only be resolved by legal arbitration rather than in court. Whereas, you can claims on an individual basis in the court which solves small claims that too in a short period of time. The claims are included against us, our subsidiaries, travel suppliers, or profit-sharing companies and services. The claims will be counted which you stated even before accepting our terms of use.


Our website provides links to other websites to the traveler as a convenience. We do not support any kind of content of other websites or their other policies and we will not responsible for that. In case you access any other websites for any purpose, then it wills your only responsibility to read their Terms of uses or and ensure that whatever things you download are free from any kind of virus, spyware, Trojans, or other defects.


Any kind of changes made to the itinerary are highly restricted and completely subjected to the airline's fare rules. We do not allow making changes after the booking is confirmed or completed for our tickets, cars, hotels, and packages do not allow any date or name changes after the booking is completed. Farehuts never takes guarantee and will not be liable for, any reservations or booking made to you has been changed by the supplier's schedule changes.


Most of our airline tickets, hotels, vacation packages, and service fees are not refundable after 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight. All the flight cancellations should be done over the phone call to customer support. We only accept refund requests only for the below-mentioned terms or conditions:

  • You have put a request for the cancellation and refund with us and make sure that it is matching the fare rules for cancellation and refunds.
  • If your flight reservation is not a "no show" then most of the no-show bookings are not eligible for any kind of refund. We are not capable of providing a time frame for how does takes it the refund request to be processed. Once you make a request for the flight cancellation to our customer service agent, then we will immediately send you an email notification about the receiving of your cancellation request. But it does not mean that this notification is the confirmation of your refund as it only provides the acknowledgment of your request. After getting your request, we will work with travel services providers such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies to generate a claim based on airlines and other travel service provider's rules. When the refund got approved by the service providers, then it takes some time as per their own terms or policies for refund. This entire process takes 60-90 days on request for receiving the credit on your statement. Separately from the airlines and other travel service providers refund charges, Farehuts will charge post-ticketing services charges, as applicable which will charge on the basis of per-ticket and per-passenger. It is to understand that we are dependent on the service providers for getting the requested refunds.

Sometimes many circumstances come when airline flights may be overbooked, and then chances of a seat decreases for which you have a confirmed reservation. Each of the airlines has its own rules and restrictions and you must be checked with those particular airlines or you can also call us for the related information.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

Farehuts reserve the right to make any kind of changes in Terms & Conditions without notifying you. So we always request you to Go to our website regularly to remain away from any kind of inconvenience that you may confront after the updating of the Terms & Conditions section.