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03 May 2024

Does Alaska have cancelation fees?

Alaska Airlines charges a cancellation fee on certain conditions including type of fares, destinations, or when you cancel your flight. For detail information read to this blog by WinkTravelDeals.

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30 April 2024

What is Spirit Airlines Refund Policy?

Yes, Spirit Airlines does offer refunds in certain circumstances, such as a flight cancellation by the airline or a situation where the customer is eligible for a refund according to the airline's pol...

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22 April 2024

How to Get Cheap Student Flight Seats?

If you want cheap Student Flight Seats, book in advance and be flexible with your travel dates. Airlines often offer discounted fares for students, so search for student discounts when booking your fl...

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sunday flight_20244193211.jpg
18 April 2024

Which day of the week is cheapest to book flights?

When you wish to fly on an even cheaper price, you should be taking into consideration, the days which offer cheap flight tickets. Our blog intends to educate you on the same. You can get all the rele...

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Easter Flight Dealss_202431363751.jpg
05 March 2024

Is it Cheaper to Fly on Good Friday and Easter Sunday

It might depend on the eal provided by different airlines. On the contrary, the major airlines provide cheap Easter Travel Deals. Also, it is the peak season in the United States when families and lo...

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Last-Minute Christmas flight_2023121152446.jpg
11 December 2023

cheap Last-Minute Christmas flight deals

If you're in search of last-minute Christmas flight deals without breaking the bank, look no further than WinkTravelDeals. We specialize in helping you secure affordable and convenient travel options,...

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Christmas Washington_202312227477.jpg
08 December 2023

Best Places to Go for Christmas Vacation in the USA

The United States offers a variety of enchanting destinations for a memorable Christmas vacation. Here are some of the best places to consider. Alexandria, Virginia, Asheville, North Carolina, Bethleh...

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Black Friday Flight Tickets Sale_2023101223450.webp
12 October 2023

Do Flight Prices go down on Black Friday Day 2023

There are several things that might get into your mind about the Black FridaySale, right? One of the most common is “Do flight prices go down on Black Friday?” then the answer is “Yes”.

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senior citizens flights tickets_202392841351.jpg
28 September 2023

Why Airlines Gives More Discounts on Senior Citizens Flights Tickets?

Have you ever wondered why airlines are so generous when it comes to senior citizens flight tickets? Airlines offer enticing discounts on senior citizen flight tickets as a gesture of appreciation for...

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Untitled design (9)_202392842324.jpg
20 September 2023

Round-trip flights tickets are always cheaper than one way flight why?

When it comes to booking flights, you may have noticed that round trip tickets are often more budget-friendly than one way flights options. This pricing strategy is not a random occurrence but rather ...

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Weekday vs weekend_202392841859.jpg
11 September 2023

Why Weekday Flights are Cheaper than Weekend flights?

Planning a trip involves making a multitude of decisions, and one of the most crucial ones is when to book your flight tickets. Often, travelers find themselves wondering why weekday flight tickets ar...

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last minutes flight deals_202372062031_202382563720.jpg
25 August 2023

How to Get Cheap Last-Minute Flights

There are a number of reasons why airlines provide Last Minute Flight tickets such as unsold flights, to earn customer loyalty, to create brand awareness, and other things. However, it is important th...

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Flight Tickets Through Travel Agents_20237744754.jpg
07 July 2023

Book Cheap Flight Tickets Through Travel Agents

Have you been wasting your time booking your flights on your own? Well, you will agree that you have been doing overwork for this. It might take you long hours for research, and comparison, and then y...

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